Sunday in Lisbon

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Planning to visit one of the cutest cities in Europe and don't know what to do and eat there? Then you'll like this one! Here's my guide for a Sunday in Lisbon. Enjoy!

Breakfast at Zenith

Oh my goodness, it's a good thing that I don't live in Lisbon cause this place would make me broke! Situated at R.Telhal 4a, it has everything you can dream of: pancakes, eggs, salmon&avocado toast, French toasts, smoothie bowls, coffee, healthy juices and much much more! Definitely my top 3 places to eat in Lisbon!

LX Factory

If you're looking for non-touristic place that combines street art, cute restaurants and vintage shopping this one is definitely for you! Located in and old textile factory, LX Factory gives you truly an urban, artistic feeling. It's best to visit it on Sunday, when they hold a flea market with clothes, jewelry and sunglasses (where I bought mine from the picture below!). When you are done with shopping take a walk to admire beautiful work of street artists and end your day with a pineapple
of piña colada! Yummy!

Brunch at Heim 

This one would definitely contribute to me being broke because of all delicious food it serves. I dare you to choose just one! Still dreaming of their French toasts...

Visiting Alfama

One thing that makes Lisbon really special is that you can live there for years and still not know all these vivid narrow streets. You can find them specially in Alfama and, if you're lucky enough to be there during the Feast of St. Anthony (which takes places in June), you'll experience truly mesmerazining view of the decorated street and the floral wall (near St. Anthony Church).



Coffee break at Comoba 

Am I talking to a coffee addict? Perfect! Then this is a place that you don't want to miss. It's far from an ordinary coffee place. Instead from an ordinary black coffee, give yourself a treat and order pink latte (made from beetroot). Cute, healthy and delicious!

Pink street 

To continue this pink vibe and take a rest after a hectic day, take your friends for a drink to one of the bars located at Pink Street! Cheers!

Special thank you goes to Moi by Inês  for being the best host/guide ever!

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