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4 Reasons to visit Fuerteventura 

1. Perfect weather - if you love warm, sunny days without a feeling of your skin being melt down, as much as I do, this one is for you. You can easily lay down on the beach from 9 to 5 thanks to a soft wind that makes it heavenly comfortable. And it stays like this all year long, no need to wait untill summer for a sip of sun!

2. Beautiful beaches - Fuerteventura has one of the most beautiful, sandy beaches you can imagine: Sotavento (5km long, holds annual windusrfing and kitesurfing championshp), Corralejo (11 km long dune area with fine sand), Ajuy (with pitch black sand and blue water) to name only a few.

3. Watersports  - Fuerteventura is a perfect place for those of you who love sport and are eager to try new things. Due to its windy climat the island is a paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers, both for begginers and professionals (there's an annual Windsurfing & Kitesurfing World Cup that brings professionals from all over the wold).

4. Wildlife experience - this one is for all of those animal lovers (who isn't?!). If you're constantly looking for opportunities to connect with wildlife, Oasis Park offers you several possibilities to do that: swimming with sea lions, safari with camels, lemur experience, and you can even purchase special food packages to feed animals (which is a win&win situation really - they get the money to take care of animals and you get the chance to feed giraffs and camels!)

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